Hi there! Welcome to my portfolio!

Thea Tabanas, or known as AmethystMoon420 in many social media sites, is an artist born in the Philippines, and currently resides in the United States of America. She grew up watching cartoons, Japanese animated shows, and reading many books that depicted worlds and ideas quite different from her own. This was the start of her imagination. Inspired to bring her fantasies to life, she began to write and draw. She eventually focused on honing her drawing abilities and left writing behind, for big paragraphs were too much for her goldfish brain. Her art style is inspired by the Japanese animated shows she watches; she uses many sparkles in her drawings to emulate the magic atmosphere in fantasy worlds. 

Along with illustrations, Thea is making her own stories and comics. Someday, she hopes the characters and illustrations from her imagination can inspire others to start their own creative careers.

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